Driving stoner funk

from Freiberg/Saxony
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MotorFunk live @ Kulturbahnhof Jena

We are MotorFunk Inc.

Let us tell you something about us

For around ten years, the German trio of MotorFunk inc. have been playing music together and inspired audiences in the clubs of Saxony with their blend of Stoner Rock and Funk.

Then they decided to include an awesome singing voice into the grooving rhythm group. They also found an exceptional addition on the black and white keys which adds an awesome organ and piano to our music.

Now they are very happy to receive support from Swabia and Bangladesh.

Their new Album "Escape" was released in August 2018. Cementing the genre, which ranges from Blues Pills to Kyuss, they let the audience experience their unconstrained love of music.

This is us

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Benjamin Banko


Matthias Dietze


Nadja Geier


Tom Bretschneider


Maruf Khan


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